Since completion of the dam, the Board has developed and maintained many gardens and parks, downstream of the dam and in the colonies. The gardens near the dam are attracting many tourists

 1 Nandanavana Garden
 2 Japanese Park
 3 Deer Park
 4 Birds Aviary
 5 Children Park
 6 Vaikunt Guest House Garden
 7 Circular Park and Triangular Park

Nandanavana Garden

Nandanavana garden was developed soon after the completion of the dam during the year 1956-57. Thisgarden is located just downstream of the dam running parallel to it. It has an area of about 6 acres (2.43 ha) and is designed and developed on the lines of Brindavan Gardens at Krishna Raj Sagar near Mysore. It is well laid with four terraces at different elevations. The first terrace is housing circular type fountain with a Shiva statue at the center. The other three terraces are equipped with fountains of various designs, running parallel and perpendicular to the layout of the garden. This garden has got welll-maintained lawns, Bougain villea on the slopes, seasonal and annual flower beds, Christmas trees, Cyprus plants and topiary arches

Japanese Park

Japanese Park was developed in the year 1968-69 with a total area of 18 acres (7.29 ha) and is located adjacent to Nandanavana garden. It has got 3 water ponds, namely mango shaped pond, bean shaped pond and children peddle pond which were constructed after 1970. This park has arches, ornamental flowering trees, flowerbeds, etc. A musical dancing fountain was added to the garden in the year 1994 which provides added attraction for visitors. An aquarium was constructed within the garden to provide further choice of entertainment and education for the visitors.

Deer Park

The Deer park is located just by the side of Japanese park. It was developed in the year 1982, with anapproximate area of about 15 acres (6.07 ha). At present , it has got about 70 spotted deer’s, 4 sambars, 4 neelgai, 6 black bucks, 1 chinkora, 30 rabbits and 2 porcupines

Birds Aviary

A small aviary is housed in the complex of Deer park and was developed in the year 1989. Presently, it has got about 200 pigeons, 4 peacocks, 15 guinea fowl and 10 parrots.

Children Park

Children Park is located in the township area of TB Dam on the main road, and was developed during 1984. It has got latest type of sea-saws, bars, swings and other items for children. The park is exclusively meant for children below 12 years.

Vaikunt Guest House Garden

Garden at Vaikunt Guest House was developed during the year 1960-61. It is a formal garden with well designed fountains, flower bed, topiary arches, flowering trees etc.
Photo vaikunt and garden

Circular Park And Triangular Park

A Circular Park and a Triangular Park is located just in front of the Administrative building. It was developed at the time of construction of dam. It is also a formal garden with lawns, flowering trees, shrubs, arches etc.